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Why Totalcare Hearing

Our aim is to provide you with professional advice and exceptional level of care throughout the consultation. Our services include:

  • Pensioner, veteran and Workcover hearing aid services
  • Paediatric and adult audiology services
  • Ear wax removal
  • Aftercare and follow up services
  • Extended warranties and battery services
  • Senior cards discount

Our four clinics located in Bondi Junction, Caringbah, Hunters Hill and Neutral Bay are easily accessible and conveniently located close to parking and public transport. Meet our team here.

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Experts in latest invisible hearing technology

We understand that many people don’t want to be seen wearing hearing aids. Our audiologists can offer you the best and latest invisible hearing aids available on the market. This means we have access to the latest invisible in-canal (IIC), and micro wireless (microRIC) technology.

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Experts in wireless hearing technology

The greatest advancement in recent hearing technology has been the advent of the wireless microprocessor. This means:

  1. Hearing aids which talk to each other to mimic our auditory system to provide a far more natural sound.
  2. Better speech understanding in noisy environments
  3. Hearing aids are significantly easier to use and adjust.
  4. Hearing aids have the ability to audio stream to telephones, tv, radio, iPads, etc, just like a wireless headset.
  5. Enhanced capabilities with iPhone and other smart phones.

We specialise in the very latest wireless technology, including the new Widex Beyond, the world's best wireless hearing aid.

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Free pensioner and veteran hearing aids

We are accredited to provide hearing aid services to pensioner and veterans. We have access to the widest range of government approved hearing aids, many of which are at NO COST to eligible pensioners and veterans. Click here to find out if you are eligible.

Are your are Pensioner or Veteran? You may be eligible for a Free TV-DEX remote on selected models, valued over $500.

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Why Choose Totalcare Hearing?

  • Latest in hearing aid solutions
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