About Us

Totalcare Hearing is a private, independently owned group of hearing healthcare clinics located across Sydney. Our team of highly qualified audiologists provides hearing loss advice and professional clinical services to adults, pensioners, veterans and children.

You know you can turn to our team for advice and exemplary service because we have more than 50 years collective patient practice.

All of our Audiologists are members of the Audiology Society of Australia with accreditation to provide Commonwealth Hearing Services to veterans and pensioners.

Our audiologists keep their knowledge and skills current on State-of-the-Art hearing aid technology so that they can share their knowledge, advice and support with you.

We have practical experience with the latest range of digital hearing aids from companies like Oticon, Widex, Phonak and Siemens.

We understand that you need a solution that also takes into account your lifestyle and budget. As we are independent from the big chain clinics, we can save you thousands of dollars by using our independence to find you an affordable solution.

If you are experiencing any hearing loss then there is no better time to visit one of our clinics. We offer a friendly, caring and supportive environment where we can answer your questions and work out your next steps.

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Why Choose Totalcare Hearing?

  • Latest in hearing aid solutions
  • Honest and unbiased hearing aid advice
  • Extensive knowledge and experienced Audiologists
  • Professional in a friendly & relaxed environment