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At Totalcare Hearing, our highly trained and qualified audiologists can provide you with a custom hearing solution to suit your hearing needs, lifestyle and budget.
We offer you a large range of modern solutions from the hearing industry's leading manufacturers, including Widex, Oticon, Phonak and Siemens. Product lines differ based on different approaches to solving a patient's needs. Products are researched, developed and manufactured to offer you a choice.

We will help you consider your options and can demonstrate how the latest hearing aid solutions can meet your needs and personal preferences.

Selecting the right hearing solution for you:

  1. Cosmetic
  2. Technology

1. Cosmetic

Often the success of a hearing aid prescription depends upon how the device looks and feels. In the last 5 years the miniaturisation in hearing technology has led to an entire range of hearing aids that are completely hidden when worn.

The microRIC (micro Receiver in The Canal) hearing device is the most common of all the cosmetic hearing aids. This device places a small speaker unit within the ear canal and the miniature amplifier and microphone hidden behind the ear. On most ears this device is not seen at all. Widex & Phonak produce the best microRIC hearing aids with complete wireless functionality.

Widex UNIQUE Passion

Widex hearing aid next to golf ballThe Widex Unique family come in a complete range of styles that includes the microRIC model – PASSION. The Passion has an extremely large fitting range that makes it suitable for over 90% of hearing losses. It delivers superb sound quality over a wide range of levels from a clock ticking to loud music. The Passion has state-of-the-art wireless technology and comes in a range of prices making it suitable for most budgets.

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Phonak Titanium

The Phonak Titanium range has proven itself to be among the best of the IIC hearing devices. It comes in a truly compact design but does not comprimise on technology and suits a broader range of hearing loss.

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2. Technology

Hearing device technology has undergone a revolution in recent years.

With the development and integration of powerful micro processors and wireless capabilities, hearing aids now tackle the complexity of hearing loss like never before.

The new Widex Beyond hearing aid offers the best wireless solution.


It is important for hearing aid wearers to stay connected to the world around them. With the Widex multi-connectivity solutions, wearers are instantly connected to their iPhones, T-Coil and our full range of DEX communication solutions.

BEYOND is first with three wireless connectivity options to offer a full wireless solution. The BEYOND also has the best battery life of all 2.4GHz hearing aids, offering nearly twice the battery life compared with the Oticon OPN!

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