Invisible Hearing Aids

For many people who suffer hearing loss, they prefer their hearing solution to be completely invisible to others. The recent development of Invisible In Canal hearing devices gives us this tools to prescribe you with a truly discreet hearing aid. To see if an Invisible in Canal hearing device is the best solution for you, call us now to book your no-obligation consultation.

How Invisible In Canal (IIC) Hearing Devices Work

'Invisible In Canal' or IIC hearing aids sit deep within the ear canal and are invisible to others. This deeper placement allows users to benefit from the natural shape of the ear for better localisation of sounds as well as unrivalled discreetness.

As with non-invisible hearing devices you have the freedom to wear or remove your IIC device by yourself without the assistance of an audiologist. This discreet style of hearing aid is now available in a range of technology levels so you can find an option to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Totalcare Hearing offer a wide range of "Invisible In Canal" or IIC hearing aids offered by leading manufacturers including Oticon, Widex, Phonak and Siemens.

Oticon Introduces the First Wireless IIC Hearing Device

With the introduction of Oticon's new range of wireless Invisible in Canal hearing devices, invisible hearing aids now embrace the features and functions of their non-invisible wireless counterparts. Oticon is currently the only manufacturer to offer a wireless invisible hearing solution and their full range is available right now at Totalcare Hearing for you to try. To learn more about the benefits of wireless technology, call us now to book your no-obligation consultation.

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