Benefits of wireless hearing aids

Modern hearing aids use a sophisticated wireless microchip to enable the left and right devices to communicate with each other. This mimics how our two ears naturally communicate with each other to localise sounds and hear better in background noise. Two ears also give us a more comfortable sense of loudness.

Recent advances in wireless hearing aid technology have allowed people with hearing loss to hear as well in background noise as a person with normal hearing. This is thanks to the digital wireless beam forming technology in the directional microphones. Independent studies have shown some people do better than those with normal hearing in background noise however results do vary depending on the type of hearing loss.

At Totalcare Hearing we use the LiSN-S speech in noise hearing test to determine the best wireless technology for our patients, and what benefits they can expect. This leads to very satisfactory outcomes reported by our patients. For instance Steve from Chatswood experience with the latest digital wireless beam forming technology and the improvement it made in group situation can be found in his testimonial -

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