Totalcare Hearing is a full-service hearing health service provider for adults, pensioners, veterans and children.

We offer a comprehensive program of hearing services that include:

  1. Hearing screenings
  2. Comprehensive hearing evaluations
  3. Child early detection services
  4. Doctor referrals
  5. Hearing aid recommendations and quotes
  6. Participation in hearing aid trials
  7. Coverage of hearing aids and hearing services through Workcover
  8. The Commonwealth Hearing Aid Voucher
  9. A range of preventative products: custom ear plugs, musician earplugs and state-of-the art headsets

Determine Your Current Level Of Hearing

Are you over 60 years old? You can visit one of our clinics for a free hearing screening. It only takes a few minutes, with no wait time and no appointment necessary. You will get your results immediately.

The first scheduled appointment with an audiologist starts with a comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine your hearing as it is today. This is a 30-minute session and we will discuss your results at this time. A doctor's referral's is not required.

We can help if you or your loved one is experiencing any hearing difficulties, such as ringing in the ears (also known as Tinnitus) or you would like the professional advice of our audiologist. We can show you modern hearing aids and provide specific recommendations and a 30-day quote for your consideration.

Hearing Tests for Adults, Pensioners and Veterans

  • Ear drum and middle ear tests
  • Constant ringing in the ears
  • Pre-employment tests
  • Industrial hearing tests
  • Pure tone threshold tests
  • Speech tests
  • Speech-in-Noise tests

Hearing Tests for Infants and Children

  • Play testing for young children aged 3-5 years old
  • Behavioural and physiological tests
  • Ear drum and middle ear tests
  • Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) tests for children age 7.5 and older

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Why Choose Totalcare Hearing?

  • Latest in hearing aid solutions
  • Honest and unbiased hearing aid advice
  • Extensive knowledge and experienced Audiologists
  • Professional in a friendly & relaxed environment