Pure Tone Threshold Test

The most common test is the Pure Tone Threshold Test. This test measures the auditory threshold of important frequencies of speech. Normal pure tone thresholds are at 20dB HL of better.

Speech Test

The Speech test is an essential part of a hearing aid assessment. Understanding the spoken word requires more auditory processing by the brain than simply detecting a pure tone. This test allows the Audiologist to determine what outcomes can be expected from prescribing amplification with hearing aids, and therefore determines a method of aural rehabilitation best suited for their client.

SNR Test

Medical tool for examinimg the ear

You may often hear people who have hearing aids complain they are not as effective in noisy places as opposed to quiet places. These people most likely have a SNR (speech in noise) hearing loss that has not been corrected by the hearing aid. An SNR Test can determine to what degree a person will have difficulty hearing in noise, and in turn allows the Audiologist to prescribe an appropriate hearing device to correct this loss.

Play Audiometry

Play audiometry is a method for testing hearing of young children from age 3 - 5 ½ . The child plays a "listening game" and places a block in a bucket every time they hear a sound.


Tympanometry is a method for measuring the function of the ear drum and middle ear system. It can be performed on infants through to adults.

Pre-employment and industrial hearing tests

These are Pure Tone Threshold Tests used to measure a baseline of one's hearing threshold. This is an important test for anyone working in noise, and should be performed on an annual basis for anyone with a pre-existing hearing condition.

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