My Ears Are Ringing! Can someone answer it!?

Tinnitus, also known as ringing or noises in the ears, is an auditory experience in the absence of sound. Tinnitus is most often, but not always, a symptom of hearing loss or dysfunction in the auditory system.

For most people tinnitus does not cause any disturbance and they habituate to it without any trouble. However for others tinnitus is somewhat harder to ignore and it can be very disturbing, often leading to stress and depression.

Healthy diet and exercise, like with many things, can be effective in reducing tinnitus. Some foods can exacerbate tinnitus, in particular those with caffeine. Likewise alcohol and nicotine are known to worsen tinnitus.

Always Have Your Hearing Examined By An Audiologist

If you experience tinnitus we strongly recommend you consult an Audiologist for a diagnostic hearing test and tinnitus assessment. In some cases tinnitus may be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition and the Audiologist will be able to advise you on this.

Hearing Loss And Tinnitus

Tinnitus is often associated with hearing loss. People who experience hearing loss and tinnitus often find the tinnitus disturbing as it is more difficult to mask the tinnitus with the sounds around them.

Treating Tinnitus

In the past five years remarkable new hearing devices have revolutionised tinnitus treatment. Hearing aids are recommended for anyone who suffers from hearing loss and tinnitus. The hearing aids improve hearing, reducing listening fatigue and tiredness and significantly reduce the disturbance level of tinnitus. Hearing aid, together with counselling from an Audiologist is the best treatment for people with hearing loss and tinnitus.

For people who experience disturbing tinnitus without hearing loss we recommend a combination of modern tinnitus masking devices with counselling. Modern tinnitus masking devices not only provide an external stimulus to reroute the attention from the tinnitus but they also have on board data-loggers (like an exercise tracker) that assists in counselling and motivation. There are even iPhone Apps that can help.

Tinnitus and Widex Zen™

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